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I really started getting into photography back in 2001 when I received my first 35mm SLR camera as a gift. I soon discovered the excitement of capturing moments in time. I couldn't put the camera down and soon found myself will piles of film rolls that needed to be developed. I loved the excitement of seeing my photos for the first time as I picked up my photos from the local film lab. Somewhere around 2006 I purchased my first DSLR camera (Canon Rebel XT) . This new digital format was a huge mile stone in photography and in the way I took pictures. I loved it!!! No more waiting to see my photographs! My addiction to photography just got 10x better! I soon moved up to a Canon Rebel XSi in 2008 and then in 2011 I finally went full frame with the Canon 5D Mark II and now I shoot with the 5D Mark IV. The addiction has just grown more and more over the years. I continue to take photos all over the world and everywhere in between. I hope you enjoy my photos as much as I do. -Rob

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